Most creators get thoughts from different designers, and not very many thoughts (assuming any) are just original.Mobile application configuration is a developing field in the present situation, and it is more like web outlining, and there is a requirement for quality motivation.

You don’t need to worry about it. There are dozens of websites in online you can use to find mobile UI inspiration. In this post, we would see the best sources for app UI layout for Android &iOS devices such as both smartphones and tablets.

UX Archive

Building a secure user experience is what mobile program developers and designers must learn. UX Archive features amazing iPhone apps user flows that you can emulate. Browsing these leaks will give you ideas and motivate you to construct a UX that is just as great, if not better.


Comparable to UX Archives, uiGIFs showcase the best user interface. The only difference here is that developers can see the UI of the program in GIF form. This is a lot better than the screen captures featured in different websites.


For all those working on iOS apps, documents app screen transitions and dynamic UI components. Apart from inspiring a new wave of app developers and designers, the website acts as a pattern library that permits people to comprehend how these sophisticated designs were built.

As designers move away from heavy-handed textures and shading to indicate thickness and layering towards a brand new UI/UX design paradigm where movement, camera effects, and physics produce 3D space, it’s important to watch and examine how this effect (and can enhance) app encounters.

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Laudable Apps

The site serves up inspiring designs from amazing iOS programs to date. The image capture above says it all. You can download the applications from the website directly to your iOS so that you can play around with them.

Mobile Awesomeness

The website is an award-giving body to the top mobile designs and interfaces. The other goal of mobile awesomeness is to build a community of developers that are talented and designs to share their thoughts and socialize with like-minded men and women.


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